Why Rugby WON’T work in America?

Posted by admin on Thursday 31 January 2013

If the Eagles, the American rugby team, are any indication then clearly rugby has the potential for a bright and prosperous future in the States. However, despite the evidence, and the fact that our major satellite tv providers even have channels devoted to it, there are still those in this country who really don’t see much future in rugby.

Based on a poll we took recently, we found out some of the reasons and listed below are some of the more popular ones that came up.

Reasons why, apparently, rugby won’t work in the US:

1.) There are no American rugby superstars to root for. A kind of subjective reason but one that came up the most in our poll. To be clear, there are plenty of rugby superstars out there - just not a whole lot of established American ones. However, that’s soon to change.

2.) It’s too dangerous for American television. This is kind of a funny reason when you stop to remember that this is a country that allows things like hockey and roller derby. Rugby isn’t any more dangerous than American football.

3.) There’s not enough buzz. By buzz, it is implied that there isn’t enough drama and controversy. Far be it for anyone out there to enjoy a sport purely for the sake of enjoying the sport, but there is plenty of controversy in the world of rugby. Just like any other sport out there.

As it stands, despite whatever naysayers might actually be saying, there is plenty about the sport of rugby to not only suggest a future in the States but almost guarantee it. Those who play rugby, love rugby, and are not quiet about it. The sport’s popularity will surely spread. Rugby very much CAN work in the US.

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