Melville Goes From Player To CEO Of USA Rugby

Posted by admin on Friday 13 July 2012

The game of Rugby is one of the most competitive sports on the planet; but also one of the most grueling on the human body. So what does a professional rugby player do after they can no longer compete on the highest level due to age and/or injuries? Its hard to say what many players go on and pursue, but I can tell you about Nigel Melville; current CEO and President of Rugby Operations for USA Rugby.

Nigel Melville formerly played for the England national rugby team from 1984-1988. In his debut with the England rugby team, Melville became the youngest captain in team history when he led them against Australia in 1984. Due to the grueling nature of the sport, Nigel Melville suffered various injuries; including some very serious injuries to his neck, shoulder and knees. Melville had at least five major knee operations during his career! These injuries eventually led to Melville’s retirement, as he could no longer compete at the highest level.

After retirement, Melville took a few coaching gigs in several different rugby leagues; winning several championships. Melville’s career after ruby retirement was further brightened, when in October 2006, he was named CEO and President of Rugby Operations for USA Rugby.

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