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Frequently Asked Questions
About National Team Selections

How Do I Get Selected for the National Team?

The Eagles are always on the lookout for new talent. To be considered for the National Team you need to be

a) eligible for the United States

b) one of the best players available.

What Makes Me Eligible for the USA?

To play for the USA you must meet two criteria:
  1. You were born in the United States OR

    Have one parent or grandparent born in the United States OR

    Have completed 36 consecutive months of residence in the United States prior to playing for the Eagles.

  2. You have not played rugby for any other country at the senior or next senior representative level (e.g. if you had previously played for Australia or Australia ĎAí or the Australian National 7s team, you would not be able to play for the USA regardless of your birth, heritage or residency).

    Note that holding a US passport does not affect the residency requirement.

    You can learn more about the International Rugby Boardís regulations at

Are there Try-outs or Trials Camps I Can Attend?

The National Teamís Head Coach picks his team based on playersí performances in club and All-Star contests. The Eagles do not usually conduct try-outs. Instead, the team looks for athletes who play outstanding rugby in the existing USA Rugby competitions.

How Can I Be Sure of an Evaluation?

The USAís coaching staff and selection advisors attend many top-level club and collegiate rugby matches throughout the United States. Players who take part in the Rugby Super League, the Division 1 & 2 club championships, or the collegiate championship, for example, can assume their performances are under evaluation.

In addition to this constant, country-wide scrutiny, the single best opportunity for the National Team to assess players are the annual All-Star Championships.

What Are the All-Star Championships?
The ASCs are an annual event where teams of regionally-based (Territorial) All-stars compete. There is a menís club ASC and a collegiate ASC each year.

The territorial teams comprise the best players from each of USA Rugbyís seven geographic regions. A good club prop in the New York area, for example, would look to secure a place on the Northeast territorial team. If selected, he would play against some of the best props from around the country at the All-Star Championship.

Why Are The All-Star Events Important?
The All-Star Championships are the National Teamís preferred selection vehicle because the Teamís staff and Selection Advisors can gauge how players perform in matches that are generally faster-paced and more physical than club encounters.

Additionally, the All-Stars are a great opportunity for players to engage in high-level competition regardless of their clubís competitive level.

Participation also guarantees every player that his performance will be scrutinized. The Eaglesí advisory panel has a member to assess each position on the field; one set of eyes on the two competing front rows, one set of eyes on the halfbacks, etc.

So a player can assure himself of National Team evaluation by earning a spot on an ASC squad. To earn that spot, players need to make their mark in club competition and also find out, through their club or local area union, who the region's ASC selectors/coaches are and how selections are made. Are there local trials or camps? That's up to you to find out.

Note that the club ASC is usually the first weekend of December and the collegiate ASC is typically the first weekend of June.

Are the All-Star Championships the only way to make the Eagles?
There are other ways to make the National Team player pool. The team recognizes that measuring performance based on one weekend of the year may not do justice to some athletes - you could be injured or sick on the wrong day, for example. That is why the teamís coaching staff and selection advisors attend many club and collegiate events around the country. Players who are consistently outstanding in club competition are considered for Eagles selection.
How Can I Bring a Potential Eagle to the Teamís Attention?
The National Team welcomes videotape of a recent game from any and all aspiring Eagles players. The tape should be sent to the Teamís office along with a brief note providing the playerís jersey color and number, and his position. It is best to submit a match tape. Personal highlight tapes are not as useful. All tapes submitted are reviewed by the teamís coaching staff.

USA Rugby National Team Office
2802 10th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Do I have to play club rugby in the USA to be Considered for the Eagles?
Any eligible and capable players will be considered for Eagles selection. So if you are an eligible athlete playing rugby in the United Kingdom, for example, you can be considered for selection alongside domestic-based players. Overseas-based players MUST submit recent match tape in order for their play to be assessed.
How Does the Selection System Work for the National 7s Team?
The same way as it does for the XVs squad: the Eagles have staff and advisors at the All-Star 7s Championship as well as the National Club 7s each year. Players who show outstanding form will be considered for the Eagles 7s team.

Of course, there is cross-over between the programs too. A player who performs well in XVs competition might be considered for the 7s team. Similarly, an athlete who plays well for the 7s team, may earn consideration for the XVs team.

Are Collegiate Players Eligible for the National Team?
If you are good enough, you are old enough.

Historically, some National Team players begin their international playing careers while at university. The same selection and assessment process applies. Collegiate players are evaluated at the Collegiate All-Star Championships held each June. Performances during the regular season and the play-offs are also considered, and the best of the countryís collegiate rugby players earn All-American honors.

What About the All-American Team?
The Collegiate All-American team is often a precursor to international honors, somewhat like a U-23 or U-21 national side in other rugby nations. Each year, the countryís best collegiate players are honored as All-Americans and participate in matches against collegiate teams from around the world. For more information on the All-American team go to
Anything Else I Should Know?
Yes. If in doubt, send a tape. If you are eligible to play for the USA and send a recent match tape to our office, you are guaranteed that the National Teamís staff will review it - address and instructions are given above.