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  15 November 2003    Latest News
USA 7s Liaison Search Starts

American rugby players can join an international 7s team as liaison officers at the USA Sevens Tournament in Los Angeles next February.



    The hot new version of rugby is 7s, where teams have seven players instead of the usual fifteen. The abbreviated game is played on a regular sized field (110 yards long x 75 yards wide). With all that space, 7s highlights each player's athleticism and skill versus XVs where teamwork is emphasized more. The game is also aerobically demanding so instead of the regular 80 minute match, games are reduced to 14 minutes - 7 minute halves.

7s is spectacular to watch and the short games mean that whole tournaments can be played over two or three days. There are now major 7s tournaments around the world where rugby fans create a carnival atmosphere in the stands and watch a weekend's worth of international rugby action. The most famous of these tournaments is the Hong Kong 7s which, together with several other international tournaments, are joined in the World Sevens Series.

The USA competes in many Sevens Series tournaments each year, and you can follow their progress here.