US Acts Immediately on Foul Play
(Cardiff, Wales) 11 January 1997 -- Acting within an hour of reviewing videotape and speaking with all of the parties -- including the referee Leo Mayne and his touch judges -- US General Manager and Head Coach Jack Clark sanctioned test flanker Jay Wilkerson after Saturdayıs match between Wales and the United States.

Because referee Mayne ruled on the foul during the course of the test by issuing a yellow card, the United States wasn't required to take action. However, according to Clark, "The match was a hard but generally clean contest. I found the incident Jay was involved in to be unacceptable. Mr. Wilkerson has been appraised that a four-week suspension will immediately take effect.

Continuing, Clark said, "On behalf of our union, I apologize. I'm thankful that Mr. Jenkins wasnıt injured."

Jay Wilkerson felt compelled to issue a written apology, which follows: "I've never been involved in anything like this before, and I wholeheartedly regret the incident. I've spoken to Garin and I sincerely apologize to him. I accept my union's suspension."